They say about him

Erzsébet Gaàl, harpist, Hungary :
performing Daniele Garella’s music gratifies you for several reasons: not only is the attention of the public ensured, but performing it is truly enjoyable. This music is excellent to be played in the most varied situations: concerts, ambient music for special occasions, music therapy sessions. And as far as the interpretation of this music is concerned, it is clear that the performer has room to best express himself. A music that associates the ancient musical traditions, the melodic qualities of singing, with the contemporary musical vocabulary.

Article on Daniele Garella


Marielle Nordmann, harpist, France :
thanks Daniele for writing these scores for our instrument: this harp music is extremely poetic and the atmosphere it creates is really very beautiful.

The Republic, Italy, newspaper (21/12/1996):
The purpose of these compositions: to relax and inspire the listener. The effect is guaranteed. The Healing River compact disc offers an hour of excellently performed and extremely delicate music.

Music World, England:
Listening to Garella’s music, one breathes an Aura of freedom and one is invited to travel to worlds of Light and Harmony. His compositions recall an ancient way of composing, attentive to the intervals and the purity of the intonations, just as one might equally imagine the great Italian Renaissance artists such as Monteverdi or Marenzio must have written.

Tuning fork,France 1997:
an album has arrived in the world of classical music that uses the voice and stringed instruments to create a state of well-being and relaxation in the listener. It is in particular Daniele Garella who composed this music for harp, soprano and piano. On the Healing River CD the melody is always sung and leaves the listener truly enchanted. And it cannot be objected that the enchantment is also not very communicative: the magic of this music shines very clearly.

Klangwelt,Suisse ’99:
When you listen to Daniele Garella you are sure to always receive something: an emotion, a chance to contact yourself. His music seems to have been created to kindly caress the soul and in fact it is widely used in various art therapy centers throughout Europe.

The nation July 2001:
Daniele Garella is a composer distant from the conception of contemporary classical music linked to dissonance, his music has been considered as a new and very personal exploration of the tonal system, his compositions are a continuous search for harmony in which the melodic line plays an essential role “.

Rex Lassalle, T rinidad, shiatsu master, author of Grosshopping Through Time :
Your music has made a difference in my life. Your Compact discs open new spaces to the mind and emotions, create a state of transcendence.

Olivier Chanut, France, assistant to Sylvie Guillem, former dancer for Maurice Bejart, actor:
By recalling the sounds, the rhythm, the vibrations of Nature, Daniele, through his music, helps us to let ourselves go, to rest in the arms of the Mother- Land. Its compositions are an ideal support for relaxation. I use them very often for myself and for my internships.

Nadia Johansen, D animarca, painter:
His music is a continuous gush of images, for me that I paint, the compositions of Daniele Garella are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Attila Tanzi , Italy, Full Professor of International Law, University of Verona:
His music is so evocative that it makes us think that if Marcel Proust woke up today to compose in notes he would give us something very similar.

Guido Sanders , Belgium, owner of De Goddaert New Age Music:
Daniele, thanks for your music, you compose to improve the world.

Nicoletta Santoro, Italy, former dancer for Maurice Bejart, director of the Hamlyn School of Dance
I love listening to Daniele Garella’s music because it helps me to go up the river of my existence to the source of my deep thinking from which the fountain of my becoming is crystal clear.

Julia Williams Thorpe, England, tour guide:
The more I listen to Daniele Garella’s music, the more I feel courage, peace, positivity grow in me: I have no doubts, this is music therapy for the soul!


They also appreciated the music of Daniele Garella :

Victoria Chaplin, Geno Pampaloni, Barbara Hendriks, Jessye Norman, Johannes Spree, Maurice Bejart, Elisabeth Cooke, Roberto Faenza, Helena Rodrigues


Meaning and power in Daniele Garella’s compositions

Daniele Garella’s compositions possess the ability to enrich one’s Being by creating positivity, energy, inspiration. Whoever listens to Healing River (1996), The Healing Source (1997), Healing Music (1999), or Alquimia (2007) gets the opportunity to bring Harmony and Light to their emotional and spiritual world. If I had to describe Daniele Garella’s music I think that expressions like “An invitation to the Journey to the Open” or “Esoteric music for our time” would be the best definitions. In fact, Daniele Garella, in addition to being a musician, is also a spiritual researcher who has chosen music as a place of meditation for his inner experiences. It is no secret his connection with the teaching of esoteric masters such as Rudolf Steiner and George I. Gurdjieff, or the fact that he was struck by early Christianity, especially by the heretical movement of the Cathars, of which he is a profound connoisseur. . Daniele Garella is also an appreciated scholar of psycho-astrology spiritual.

“Anywhere on Earth – so he himself claims – there are precise indications to grasp the meaning of the ancient Delphic motto “Know thyself”, which also means knowing and recognizing the nature of the Universe. “And his compositional research ideally starts from the invitation of Delphi: how for the Greeks of the classical age, even for Daniele Garella music has value in terms of experience for the Soul. The Greeks composed for the soul, treated man with sounds, as they equally knew how to do with the Teatro della ” catharsis “: their era of art therapy, art for the Essence. For this reason, in his composing, Daniele Garella pays utmost attention to the choice of musical intervals as well as harmonies, to the cantability of the melodic lines as well as to the rhythm, since he wants the through his music, he makes an exploratory journey and, consequently, of growth, in the lands of his own Self. The artist, for Daniele Garella, in fact also has the task, through Beauty, of giving something essential and positive to an audience that has always been waiting to “receive” and to be “initiated” to the truest emotions. Therefore, even before an invitation to travel, a “passionate” invitation to Listening.

Emma Chiaia
(journalist for the Republic, Italy)