Jordan Viach walks the streets of his land, Languedoc, while the refined Occitan civilization of the thirteenth century, at that time the most advanced in all of Europe, is about to be annihilated with incredible ferocity by the ruthless intrigues hatched by the alliance between the Papacy and Kingdom of France.
Knights, princes, rich merchants, prostitutes, murderers, religious of the most disparate faiths (Catholics, Waldensians, Cathars, Joachimites, Kabbalistic Jews, Muslims, the first Dominicans and Franciscans, the first inquisitors) cross Jordan’s path from Toulouse to Carcassonne, from Paris to Montségur.

Through the tragedies of his time, the experiences of his personal existence, the courage and hopes of his and his people, we follow the inner evolution of a boy who becomes a man and savors the achieved understanding of life.

A novel in which history, esotericism and religion come together in a pressing process of events, in a tangle of events, loves and adventures that seduces and involves.

1st edition: July 2005 (Il Punto d’Incontro Editions)
1st reprint: December 2005 (Il Punto d’Incontro Editions)
2nd edition: May 2006 (for Italian newsstands) by the Hachette publishing house
2nd reprint: January 2008 (for Italian newsstands) by the Hachette publishing house

3rd edition: January 2016 by the Stella Mattutina Edizioni publishing house