Healing River

Healing River (1996)

invites relaxation, endowing inner peace and evoking subtle and luminous images.

It has been used in maternity centers, in practices of art therapy, in Shiatsu and Yoga, and by all those who practice healing.



Healing River

Gabriella CecchiSoprano
Patrizia BiniArpa
Daniele GarellaPianoforte

  • Aria di primavera
  • Ancora
  • Waves
  • Canto nel vento
  • Images of isles
  • Ancora insieme
  • Vol d’hirondelles
  • Chanson
  • Viaggiando
  • Riviere, rifiorire
  • Sternglanz
  • Waves 2
  • Paesaggio d’autunno
  • Sera nel giardino


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