Laudate Lux

Laudate Lux (2011) contains highly evocative music;
it is dedicated to the Cathars, the Celts and the angelic world.
It helps to rise towards the spiritual dimension, it favors the union of human beings with the Entities of Light.
Deeply regenerates the human psyche, helps contemplation .
Lux Angelorum

Santa Tomasello , voice
Andrew Lawrence- King , baroque triple harp

1 Nelkael
2 Omael
3 Rehael
4 Haziel
5 Lizrael
6 Elemiah
7 Poyel
8 Sitael
9 Aladiah
10 Eyael

Chateaux de Lumière

Santa Tomasello, voice

Andrew Lawrence- King, psalterium

11 Montsegur
12 Queribus
13 Puivert
14 Carcassonne
15 Lastours

Celtic Light Suite
Andrew Lawrence- King
, baroque triple harp

16 Rian (The Sea)
17 An Tra (At The Beach)
18 Ceoll Caille (Music Of The Wood)
19 Cetamon (Calendamaja)
20 Tuile (High Tide)
21 Tirnanog (The Land Of Youth)

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