Heliopolis (2016) is dedicated to Colors, Lovers and the Celtic world

It contains more than an hour of inspiring music, which brings serenity, peace and harmony.

Heliopolis is performed by the excellent harpist Emanuela Degli Esposti, the young talent Nadja Dornik and the Duo Alchimia.

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Suite les Amants (Nadja Dornik)

1 La Nuit au bord de la Rivière
2 Les Étoiles
3 Les Amants
4 Nous Sommes Heureux Ensemble
5 September

Celtic Suite n.2

6 Here and Now (E. Degli Esposti)
7 Far and Near (E. Degli Esposti)
8 Fogur Gaithe (N. Dornjk)

The Spirits of Seven Colors (Emanuela Degli Esposti)

9 Red – The Volcano
10 Orange – The Sacred Water of the Spring
11 Yellow – The Sun Rises
12 Green – Dancing with Mother Earth
13 Blue – An Ocean of Peace and Harmony
14 Indigo – A Consecrate Journey
15 Violet – Blessing Mountains

Other compositions

16 The Dancer of Izu (E. Degli Esposti)
17 Romance (E. Degli Esposti)
18 Heliopolis (E. Degli Esposti with Alchimia Duo)

Heliopolis is available on all online music platforms