Rings and destiny in the analysis of a great astrologer

The reading of the rings is based on complex elements of astrology, palmistry and psychology, but given the limited interpretative possibilities (5 different symbols for the 5 fingers) this is a simple reading, easily and quickly assimilated by everyone. The rings, created to embellish above all, but not only, female hands (in previous centuries it was a recurring habit also for men) also declare, in a synthetic form, that quid called personality.

Reading the rings is not suitable for getting to know one’s own or another’s destiny (as is possible, for example, with astrology, the serious one means!), But it is instead very useful for knowing the essential aspects of an individual’s character. , with precision, with a quick glance and above all without the need to ask the usual questions, so obvious, such as “What sign are you? What day were you born? “.

You can devote yourself to reading the rings out of simple curiosity or even to socialize in a new way, and you can have fun discovering that a certainly faithful woman always wears more than one ring on the ring finger of both hands, or, that the Scrooge de ‘ Scrooge are often circuits by those who wear a ring on their index finger. If, on the other hand, you want to find a soul mate with whom to escape from the chaos of the metropolis, sharing dreams and spiritual aspirations, you will have to look for people with a ring on the middle finger.