Healing Music

Healing Music

Healing Music (1999) inspires and gives bright thoughts, helps to be or to become creative, gives peace, serenity and positivity.

New Sound magazine has classified Healing Music as one of the 10 best Italian New Age music CDs of all time.

Healing Music

Gabriella Cecchi, Soprano
Anita Garriott, Clarinet
Paolo Nardi, Oboe
Patrizia Bini, Harp
Daniele Garella, Piano

  • Sweet echo

  • Paysage du languedoc

  • Sabrina

  • Lullaby

  • Mirth

  • Traveling together

  • An ange passe au- dessus

  • le Pont- Simon

  • Night, infinite desire for stars

  • Back shepherds

  • I sing in the wind

  • Snowing

  • Deux anges passent

  • Van de winter tot de lente

  • Zuzzerellando with my friends

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