To the history of Greece and its Myth, Daniele Garella dedicates Odèion & Verso Eleusi, two screenplays with a strong evocative impact that can also be defined as “dreamlike”, as symbols and archetypes are constantly on the scene, and accompany the experience of the narrated characters. The refined writing of Daniele Garella, the musicality that pervades his style and the luminous contents of the two Works, make the images that, in an exciting continuum, emerge on every page of Odèion & Verso Eleusi even more suggestive, so much so as to suggest that the ‘Author found inspiration by quenching his thirst at the intimate source of Poetry.

Odèion won the Tiziano Terzani Prize – A Temple for Peace in 2007.

First edition by the Tuscany Region in 2007

Second edition by Stella Mattutina Edition in 2016