Logos (2007) is a disc to meditate, to get in touch with the subtle and spiritual energies.

Logos accompanies moments of meditation, reading, helps relaxation and inner peace.

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Patrizia Bini Harp
Gabriella Cecchi Soprano
Paolo Nardi Oboe


1 Canto nel Vento (harp and soprano) 3.12
2 Insieme Viaggiando (harpa and oboe in eco) 2.29
3 Chanson (harp) 3.24
4 Dance (harp and soprano) 5.52
5 Deux Anges Passent (harp and soprano in echo) 1.58
6 Paysage du Languedoc (harp) 3.25
7 Paesaggio d’Autunno (harp) 4.21
8 Aria di Primavera (harp and soprano) 6.14
9 Sera nel Giardino (harp and soprano) 6.01
10 Images of Isles (harp) 3.28
11 Lullaby (harp) 3.56

Logos is available on all platforms of online music