This text, both for beginners and for experts in Astrology, allows the reading of a horoscope in a quick and intuitive way.
Characterized by an exhaustive and concise range of information on the main peculiarities of the zodiac signs, the planets, the aspects between the planets, the zodiacal houses, it also presents a detailed description of the relationship between Astrology and Health, and between Astrology and Psychogenealogy.
Through this text the author invites the scholar to use his own intuitiveness in arranging each item as if it were a piece of a puzzle, in order to perfectly describe the birth chart of an individual.
Thanks to this unique astrological handbook, the reader and the scholar will be able to hone their intuitive skills and become expert connoisseurs of the complex elements that make up a horoscope.
The result of more than thirty years of experience, this Handbook is born from the analysis of thousands of astral themes that the author has had the opportunity to study.