Alquimia (2007) is a balm for the Soul.

Create the right conditions to connect with your higher self.

Contains music for one’s inner evolution.

This disc can also be used to energetically clean rooms.
For harp, piano, violin, cello, soprano, psaltery, flutes, Tibetan gongs.
A record to get inspired.

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Daniele Garella – Piano
Patrizia Bini – Harp
Gabriella Cecchi – Soprano
David Bellugi – Recorders
Giovanni Lippi – Cello
Giulia Lorimer – Psalterium
Vieri Bugli – Violin
Karl Keiserswert – Tibetan Gongs


1 Sacred Dance
2 Here is Spring
3 Quam lo rossinhols excrete
4 Morning star
5 Erscheinung
6 La douce pensée
7 O Mar
8 Sailing to Kweiling
9 Air
10 Jeux sur la Sable
11 Wind Among the Reeds
12 Morgenrote
13 Die Eihe rauschet
14 Mystic Light
15 Delos

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