Daniele Garella is a Florentine composer and writer.

His music inspires, excites, relaxes, harmonizes and heals.

His compositions have been defined: “Music for a new Humanity”


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“In the world of classical music, a new composer has arrived, Daniele Garella, who uses his voice and stringed instruments to create a state of well-being and relaxation; his music for harp and various instruments is always sung and leaves the listener truly enchanted. The magic of this music shines very clearly. “

Diapason magazine, France 1997

Literary works of Daniele Garella

Scuola di Melkitsedek - Daniele Garella

Sheet music by Daniele Garella

“Performing Daniele Garella’s music gratifies you for several reasons: not only the attention of the public is guaranteed, but performing it is really enjoyable. This music is excellent to be played in the most varied situations: concerts, ambient music for special occasions , music therapy sessions. And as far as the interpretation of this music is concerned, it is clear that the performer has room to best express himself. A music that associates ancient musical traditions, the melodic qualities of singing, with the musical vocabulary contemporary.”

Erzsébet Gaàl, harpist, (Hungary)

Racconto d'Autunno - Daniele Garella
Daniele Garella - Le colline di Firenze

“By recalling the sounds, the rhythm, the vibrations of Nature, Daniele, through his music, helps us to let ourselves go, to rest in the arms of the Earth-Mother. His compositions are an ideal support for relaxation. I use them a lot. often for me and my internships. “

Olivier Chanut,

France, assistant to Sylvie Guillem, former dancer for Maurice Bejart, actor

“The true Artist desires
that Beauty and Harmony
of Creation manifest through him; for this he takes his own body like a canvas to paint and use your thoughts and your feelings like paintbrushes. “
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov