The Healing Source

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The Healing Source (1997)
seeks to change your inner state through meditative tones meant to recharge the mental and spiritual “batteries”.
It helps its listener connect to the deepest parts of existence.

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The Healing Source

Anita GarriottClarinet
Serena Farnocchia, Soprano
Franco Vichi, Flute
Patrizia Bini
, Harp
Daniele GarellaPiano

  • Giochi d’acqua in una sera d’estate
  • Sanfter wind
  • Dance
  • Dans une grotte su sabarthés
  • Harmonie du soir
  • L’aube a montségur
  • Sea tales
  • Emozioni nel vento
  • Cancao para Helena
  • The tempest
  • Highlands
  • Aura dulza
  • Joy, Daniel
  • Een gelukkige dag

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