Shamanic Songs

Shamanic Songs – Daniele Garella & Djibi Kouyate

The new album by the composer, pianist and harpist Daniele Garella featuringDjiby Kouyate , African singer, dancer and shaman from the Republic of Mali

Shamanic Songs combines shamanic singing with meditation music.

SHAMANIC SONGS unites two worlds, two harmonies, two cultures, in the name of a friendship and a spiritual harmony that these two eclectic artists have been sharing for many years.

With SHAMANIC SONGS Djiby Kouyate and Daniele Garella give the opportunity to making a magical shamanic journey , with his music, where everyone will become more aware of their own self-healing abilities.

SHAMANIC SONGS is a record that transforms not only internal energies, but also of external spaces since the compositions it presents – in relation with ancient shamanic rituals and with a new joyful musicality – are capable of creating a direct connection with the strength of the Spirit of Mother Earth.


  1. Shamanic Invocation – 6.30

  2. Sweet Khadija – 4.37

  3. Shamanic Awakening – 3.47

  4. Shamanic Moonlight – 8.08

  5. Shamanic Prayer – 2.10

  6. Shamanic Meditation – 6.07

  7. Shamanic Dedication – 4.42

  8. Shamanic Joy – 5.18

  9. Shamanic Round dance – 4.12

  10. Shamanic Dream – 6.17

  11. With you, Bamako – 2.43

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