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The new Cd of Daniele Garella was just released
18 compositions for Harp dedicated to the Spirits of the Colours
and to the Lovers, and with a suite dedicated to Celtic Music,
Performed by Emanuela Degli Esposti and Nadja Dornik.
Heliopolis: 75 minutes of music that brings harmony and inspiration

Daniele Garella   Composer & Writer

The true artist wishes for
the Beauty and Harmony
of Creation
to be manifest through him;
that is why he uses his
own body as a canvas to be painted
and uses his own thoughts
and feelings as brushes.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

"However far back we go in human history, sacred ceremonies have been accompanied by music and singing. Celestial beings love music; they themselves are music, which is why so many artists have depicted paradise filled with angels singing and playing all kinds of instruments. Sounds, whether instrumental or vocal, have enormous power, not only because they can be pleasing to the ear but because the vibrations they produce are so strong. We must, therefore, become aware of the power of music and find out how we can use its vibrations, which when amplified by the feelings of those who are playing or listening create a conducive atmosphere for beings of light to visit us".

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

State ascoltando… You are listening to… Vous écoutez... Sie hören zu... Fenice from Aleph (2009)

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